The featured image in this post is a drawing from my 8 year old son Owen. When asked what I do for work he created this masterpiece. Even though I do try to keep a clean desk, my two favorite parts are me napping in the top left hand corner and the angry assistant principal yelling at a student. When I asked him to explain those boxes he told me the box of me sleeping is because when I get home I’m tired from work. He nailed it on the head. This job is exhausting and at times can drain you completely. 

I am rather new to administration, I have about 1.5 years under my belt. While I knew that I wanted to become an administrator, I am surprised at just how much I love it. As a teacher, I had basic control over my day, every day. And by basic, I mean that you plan the day and while students can change that, you have the basic outline of what is going to happen. As an administrator, I have found that I never know what or who is going to walk through my door. For whatever reason, that really resonates with me and my personality. I enjoy problem solving and figuring out how best to handle a situation. But, even though I enjoy the job, there is definitely a learning curve.

I came across this image in my Twitter feed from @karaknollmeyer and immediately loved it. I am constantly seeking new advice and coaching on my job and how I can do it better. I think that is why I love Twitter so much (are you sick of me talking about Twitter yet?)

I want to spend a few blog posts exploring this advice and talk about some experiences that have fallen into these categories for me.